How to Monetize Your List

Are You Searching for a way to Build an Email List and Monetize it? Well Good News!

In this Video I share:

  • Why You Need to BuildĀ  A List
  • How to Get Started Building a List
  • Why Monetize Your List
  • How to Monetize Your List and Start Getting Sales and Signups in Your Biz
  • Tips for Connecting to Your Audience

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You have all these people on your list! Now What?

  • Well You want to make sure you are monetizing your list!

What is Monetization?

  • Building a Relationship with your Subscribers!

Why is building a relationship important? Because People Buy from those they know, like, and trust?

How do You Build that Relationship?

  • Insert You Into Email Broadcasts
  • Invite to Connect (Are we Friends on Facebook? Here’s my link, my cellie)
  • Webinar Invites
  • Blog Posts
  • Content
  • Don’t Just send Opportunity Pitches!
  • What’s in it for them???? Inspire to More,Training, Pieces of Life, Share Stories/Testimonials
  • Utilize the P.S. to capture Cell Phone and Call them

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